Systemline 7

Systemline 7 is a music system wired into the very fabric of your home so that you can enjoy all music or radio you wish in fantastic sound quality without a single physical box intruding into your living space. S7 has been exclusively engineered to achieve two distinct design goals. These are: to discreetly complement the elegance of your home, whilst simultaneously enhancing your musical listening enjoyment.

There are no visibly intrusive boxes or trailing mains leads because everything is hidden out of sight. You simply enjoy true hi-fi stereo sound from the S7’s high quality, low-profile ceiling speakers.

Any choice of music can be enjoyed in any room. Or if you prefer, play the same music in all rooms or even create a group or groups of rooms where your music can be shared.

  • Single source or multi-source
  • Touchscreen integration
  • Control with the Systemline 7 app on Android and iOS
  • AirPlay compatible
  • Able to fully integrate with Building Management and automation control systems
  • Low-profile ceiling speakers
  • Switch between music, home cinema and TV sound

At AMI, in addition to supplying and installing Systemline, we service and repair existing systems.

Download the latest Systemline 7 brochure here

Download the Systemline 7 Homeowners Guide here