Home Cinema

How much does a home cinema cost?

We have installed all of the technology — projector, screen, amplifier, speakers and control unit — for less than £10,000. Seating, decoration and lighting which automatically dims when the movie starts, giving that complete cinema feel. No matter your budget, it is possible to get something approaching the multi-millionaire home cinema experience.
If you have a spare room that you can dedicate, then so much the better — but you don’t have to be a Hollywood star to watch in film-star style.

Here are ways to get your home cinema up and running…

Under £5,000

Although you can buy a decent projector for under this price that will leave you with very little for speakers, installation costs, etc. It therefore makes more sense to buy a large wall mounted TV, this can then be combined with a sound bar, a subwoofer speaker that delivers thudding bass and two wireless surround-sound speakers. the best package for all this is the Sonos play bar + sub + 2 x play: 1, which is well within the budget.
If you have a bigger budget, a projector could be installed with all media devices connected into it, including a set-top box such as an Apple TV, a Blu-ray DVD player, or the internet.

Over £5,000

We would conduct a survey to ascertain the best possible position and size of the automatic screen. The sound system will include Dolby’s stunning new Atmos technology for the most advanced surround-sound. A range of at least 11 speakers, including wall and ceiling units, as well as multiple subwoofers may be specified. Finally, some cinema chairs featuring footrests and backrests, storage boxes, cup-coolers and even cup-warmers are an absolute must.