Wiring new homes for the digital age

As a home builder or residential developer we don’t need to tell you the advantages of having your properties hard wired to receive home entertainment and automation systems: for new homebuyers they are a fundamental consideration – and very often a decisive factor – in their choice of a property.

At AMI we have over 20 years’ experience of installing ‘smart’ home technology, and work with many of the UK’s leading home builders in doing so.  We can provide expertise at every stage of a development, from up front specifications and planning to first and second fix and the all-important customer handover.

Better still, there is no future service U/G commitment on you the developer.  AMI provides full customer and technical support after the installation, saving your resources for your key business.

Home Cinema

Budget or blockbuster?  The home cinema system we recommend for you will depend on how big you’re thinking – both physically and financially.  Do you want to integrate it into your main living room set aside a dedicated ‘theatre’ space?

We’ll be pleased to conduct a site survey and discuss possibilities and prices.  Equipment wise we can supply and install everything you need from high definition plasma screens, HD projectors, Dolby amplifiers and Blu-ray players to sound bars and surround sound audio.

Under £5,000

We would recommend a large wall mounted TV combined with a sound bar, a subwoofer speaker and two wireless surround-sound speakers.  The best package for all this is the Sonos play bar + sub + 2 x play: 1, which is well within the budget.

Over £5,000

We would recommend a ceiling mounted projector and an automatic screen. All media devices can be connected, including set-top boxes like Apple TV, Blu-ray and DVD players.  You will also be able to stream content direct from the internet.

For the most advanced surround-sound, Dolby’s new Atmos technology is recommended. A range of speakers, including wall and ceiling units and multiple subwoofers may be specified. For an authentic finishing touch, you might also consider customised cinema seating.